Frieda K. Brown

Full name Frieda Kenyon Brown. American author. Seems to have just written the one horse story which is based on a real life incident in her childhood. She continued her devotion to rescuing horses into adulthood by running a rest home for retired and ill-treated horses.

If looking for the book on internet bookshops it is worth searching under F. K. Brown as well as the other two variations of her name, as books seemed to be filed under all three.

Horse & Pony Books:

(CROWELL [USA] 1953)
Reprinted in paperback by Crowell.
Reprinted by Linnet Books/Shoe String in 1988.
SUMMARY: Kathy longs for a horse of her own but has little money. She buys an old neglected horse for 20 dollars and with love and care restores him to health and discovers he is a good jumper.

Collector's Info:
The book is fairly easy to find in the USA and usually quite cheap. Harder elsewhere.